Top 10 Animals that Hunt Rattlesnakes


While you may already be aware of this, kingsnakes are one of the most notorious animals that hunt rattlesnakes.


One of the primary predators for just about any type of snake is an eagle. Eagles are known for eating a variety of animals,


only some species of owls feel comfortable attacking and consuming a snake as large as a rattlesnake- and even then,


Much like eagles, hawks frequently find and consume rattlesnakes. However, they are also not immune to snake venom,


These large and impressive-looking birds may not look like snake killers at first, but their talons and beaks say otherwise.


While roadrunners have a natural enemy in coyotes, they are also one of the few animals that hunts rattlesnakes regularly.


Another animal that hunts rattlesnakes is the coyote. Both rattlesnakes and coyotes occupy similar habitats one another,

Black Racers

black racers nonvenomous and rarely aggressive, capable of controlling rodent and snake populations around your home.


It is listed as Least Concern on the IUCN Red List since 2002, due to its wide distribution and large population.

Feral Cats

However, feral cats need to use additional caution when hunting any type of venomous creature, given their small size.

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