Top 10 Anime Series With Way Too Few Episodes

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Witten By Ananya 29 August 2022

Katanagatari (12 Episodes)

It is not to be missed, with its unique anime character designs, great animation, and engaging dialogue.

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Gunbuster & Diebuster (6 Episodes)

Hideaki Anno, the brains behind Evangelion, makes his directorial debut with Gunbuster.

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Puella Magi Madoka Magica (12 Episodes)

When suggesting Madoka, it's advised to keep it simple and stick with it until at least the fourth episode.

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FLCL (6 Episodes)

FLCL (or Fooly Cooly) is one of Studio Gainax's most well-regarded OVA releases, combining an eccentric visual style.

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Kaiba (12 Episodes)

Kaiba is as visually innovative as it is thematically intriguing, touching on the role memory plays in.

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No Game No Life (12 Episodes)

While No Game No Life may sound like usual Isekai material, its colourful neon colours elevate it.


A Place Further Than The Universe (13 Episodes)

Four high school girls pursue it with zeal, with the "location" in question being Antarctica.

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Death Parade (12 Episodes)

The tone and important characters of this short anime series vary throughout, but the alien atmosphere remains continuous.

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Anohana: The Flower We Say That Day (11 Episodes)

Anohana, as brief as it is poignant, will linger with viewers long after the credits roll on the eleventh episode.

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Tatami Galaxy (11 Episodes)

Tatami Galaxy's unique graphics, funny tone, and unique structure have made it popular among anime lovers all around the world.

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