Top 10 Best Albums In K-pop Industry

WJSN Chocome is a girls music group. Released their album name "Super Yuppers"in the year 2022.

WJSN-Super Yuppers

Max Chagmin was releases a solo second mini album name "Devil". The album consists six songs.

Max Chagmin-Devil

Suho was released an album name "Grey Suit". This album makes with four songs.

Suho-Grey Suit

SEVENTEEN is a boys music group. The group was released an album name "Face The Sun", with nine tracks.

Face The Sun

STAYC is a girls group. The name of their second mini album is "Young", it is a pure K-pop music album.


Red Velvet is a girrls group of South-Korea. The name of their album is "Feel my Rhythm", released in the year 2022.

Feel my Rhythm

DREAMCATCHER is a girls group, released their K-pop Rock album name- "A Pocalypse. Save us in 2022".

A Pocalypse. Save us in 2022

"Glitch Mode" is a studio album released by the group NCT Dream, This is their second album.

Glitch Mode

Stray Kids is a group of South-Korea released a song Maniac, album of "Oddinary".

Maniac-Stray Kids

Love Dive album was released by the the group of South-Korea, IVE. This is a second single album of this group.

Love Dive

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