Top 10 Best Female Dancers in K-Pop Ranked By Professionals


With six years of experience in the business, Lisa is the captain of the Wonder Girls, WJSN.

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Eight members of the well-known Korean dance group HyoLyn have evolved into the national dance squad of Korea.

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One of the most desirable female K-Pop dancers in the business is ChaeYeon. She is a part of the well-known group EXID.

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With her two summer singles, "Wake Me Up" and "Wow Thing," South Korean artist ChungHa has exploded onto the K-pop world.

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One person who has established herself as the top female dancer in K-Pop is SeungYeon Lee.

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One of the most well-liked K-Pop dances is the momo. Many idols perform and use this dance in their music videos.

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HyoYeon, a Korean pop singer and dancer, was born on January 10, 1990. She is a member of Girls' Generation, a K-pop girl group.

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A South Korean singer, rapper, model, and actress by the name of HyunA. She is presently a member of the South Korean girl group 4Minute.

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Yeji of ITZY is regarded as the best of the 4th generation of Kplaop because of her talent and charisma on stage.

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The first generation of Kpop was established by the SM songstress BoA. BoA is renowned for having powerful and incredible.

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