Top 10 Best Hybrid Cars In The World

Mercedes C300 e

The new Mercedes C Class boasts the levels of technology and comfort you'd expect from this long-standing executive saloon.

Toyota Yaris

The latest Toyota Yaris retains the model’s ethos of being one of the more sensible superminis on the market.

Renault Captur

Renault Captur continued the winning combination that made the first model so popular - an attractively-styled body car.

Toyota Corolla

Corolla is yet another model that is now powered by Toyota’s tried-and-tested ‘self-charging’ petrol-electric hybrid technology.

Toyota Prius

Unlike some other models, the Prius Plug-In has a very different look to the ‘self-charging’ hybrid model.

Skoda Octavia iV

Skoda Octavia iV is yet another motorway mile-munching saloon to receive the hybrid treatment.

BMW X5 45e

The BMW X5 has been near to the top of the premium SUV class since its inception 20 years ago and the new plug-in hybrid 45e.

Mercedes E 300 e/300 de

Same plug-in hybrid powertrains as the C-Class PHEV, so the petrol option is good for regular short trips.

BMW 330e

The BMW 3 Series is UK’s most complete car: a high-quality, well-built and practical saloon that’s great to drive, and comfortable.

Kia Niro

Kia’s Niro SUV is available in impressive all-electric and plug-in hybrid versions but the standard, ‘self-charging’ PHEV model.

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