Top 10 Best Manhwa You Need To Be Reading In 2022

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Witten By Ananya 28 August 2022

Solo Leveling

Of course, everyone's favourite badass main character, Sung Jin Woo, is the main draw of this manhwa.

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Return of the Disaster-Class Hero

People always crave tales of sweet wrath, and this manhwa shows the core plot of revenge and betrayal.

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FFF-Class Trashero

Kin Han Soo, the protagonist, killed the demon king after being called into this mythical world for 10 years.

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The Beginning After The End

The show is a narrative similar to an Isekai. The plot is usually about the life of a powerful main character.


Omniscient Reader

Kim Dokja has been the lone reader of the novel 3 ways to survive on a ruined planet for the past decade.

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Jin, our main character in psychological horror, is forced to live with his father, a serial killer.

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Sweet Home

Another gem from the same author as bastard is sweet home. It's another psychological suspense thriller.

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Ranker Who Lives A Second Time

Yeon woo had a twin brother who vanished unexpectedly 5 years ago. Yeon woo found his brother's diary one day.

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Unholy Blood

This manhwa ended a long time ago, yet its supporters are still affected by it, its end in the 92nd chapter.

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Our last manhwa takes place mainly in a virtual reality game. Grid, our main character, spends the bulk of his time in this VR game.

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