The 10 Best Villains In Marvel Comics, Ranked

Molecule Man

Molecule Man was once a silver age comic joke villain who became a thought project in modern times.


 Void is, a being created out of the imbalance that Sentry’s power creates in his head. He got so out of control and destroyed.


Japanese myth of creation, Mikaboshi reminds us of the darkness that dwells within us that screams to end things..


An off again on again hero and villain, Legion is the name of the collective consciousness of David Haller, the son of Charles Xavier.


Not exactly a villain but always causing mischief and turmoil for the heroes, Beyonder is a being that is a part of an otherworldly

Doctor Doom

The mastermind to outmanoeuvre the best of brains, Doctor Doom is on this list solely for his brains.

Dark Phoenix

One of the darkest nightmares for the X-men time and again, the Dark Pheonix is an entity that gives incredible power.


The name Galactus has now been synonymous with the coming of death, destruction and end, he was granted the Power Cosmic.


The Mad Titan himself, the collector of infinity stones and the wielder of the Heart of the Universe.

Gorr the God Butcher

Gorr the God Butcher is a curious case of a victim trying to get back at his culprits.

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