Top 10 Cat Breeds With Long Hair

Maine Coon

Maine Coon a sociable cat, hence its nickname, "the gentle giant." It is characterized by a prominent ruff along its chest,


Balinese cats are known for their striking blue eyes and silky, pointed coats—much like their close relative, the Siamese.


They have charming personalities, too. Born to be cuddlers, Persian cats are very calm, affectionate, and, generally,

Norwegian Forest Cat

Also known as a Wedgie, the Norwegian forest cat is a natural breed that can trace its roots back to the Vikings.


If you think Himalayan cats look a little bit like a Persian and a little bit like a Siamese, you're 100 percent correct.

Turkish Angora

The Turkish Angora is a breed of domestic cat. Turkish Angoras are one of the ancient, natural breeds of cat,


 Birman's coat comes in six colors and two different patterns, they always have white "mittens" on all four paws and blue eyes.


 LaPerm is a breed of cat. A LaPerm's fur is curly, with the tightest curls being on the throat and on the base of the ears.


This breed was most likely developed by breeders introducing long-haired breeds into their programs during World.

Scottish Fold

 Scottish Fold a breed of domestic cat with a natural dominant gene mutation that affects cartilage throughout body,

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