Top 10 Dog Breeds That Only Have White Coats


The thick, fluffy nature of the coat makes perfect sense when considering that this dog breed originated in Siberia.


dog breed is the Maltese. These pocket-sized pups mature to a weight of only 4 to 7 pounds and stay under 10 inches tall.

West Highland White Terrier

it needs consistent brushing each week and regular visits to the groomer every four to six weeks.

American Eskimo

The breed is known for being highly intelligent and was famous for performing as a circus dog in the early 1900s.

Bichon Frise

With these sporting breeds in its heritage, it’s no surprise that the bichon is an active and adventurous companion dog.

Great Pyrenees

It has since acquired its name after being brought to the Pyrenees mountains that border France and Spain.

Coton de Tulear

These small but sturdy pups make excellent companion dogs. They’re known to be good with children and other pets,


 However, the Bolognese has a more casual appearance when compared to the tighter curls and groomed look of the bichon.

Dogo Argentino

 It developed in the early 1920s to hunt large game in Argentina. These dogs have gained attention for their strength,

Japanese Spitz

The snowy white Japanese spitz is a rare white dog breed. Like other spitz-type breeds, these dogs have a curled tail,

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