Top 10 Dog Breeds That Point Out Prey

Bracco Italiano

Also known as the Italian pointer, you can trace the bracco Italiano roots or "Italian hound".


Often referred to as spaniels, the Brittany is a pointing breed. These dogs developed around the 17th century.

English Pointer

The English pointer is often referred to simply as a pointer. Although it has origins dating back to.

English Setter

The English setter is the most popular of three silky-coated setters to originate in the United Kingdom.

German Shorthaired Pointer

Germany is well-known for its diligent development of skilled hunting dogs.

Spinone Italiano

The spinone Italiano is another Italian pointing breed. These dogs hail from the country's Piedmont.


The Hungarian vizsla (meaning "tracker") can be traced to the 8th century when ancient Magyar clans roamed the country.


The Weimaraner is another German breed that is known for its pointing skills. Although hunters initially.

Irish Setter

The Irish setter was bred for hunting. It "sets" or locates and points hunters toward gamebirds.

Gordon Setter

The largest of the three setter breeds, the Gordon setter, is challenging for the novice dog owner.

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