9 Extinct Fish In The World

Ukrainian Migratory Lamprey

Despite the fact that the last sighting of this species was in the late 1800s, it was concluded in 2008 that it was extinct.

Photo Credit: a-z-animals

Silver Trout

A species of ray-finned char known as the silver trout has been extinct since 1939. About a foot long, they blueish colours.

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Santa Cruz Pupfish

Like the majority of our nine defunct creatures, the Santa Cruz pupfish was driven to extinction by human enterprise.

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Snake River Sucker

Snake River suckers inhabited lakes close to Jackson Hole, Wyoming, in the upper Snake River basin.

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Mexican Dace

A native of the streams and canals of the Valley of Mexico, this dace is a species of minnow.

Photo Credit: researchgate

New Zealand Grayling

Overfishing and introduced trout predation had an impact on this fish's population.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Siamese Flat-Barbelled Catfish

The Bang Pakong and Chao Phraya rivers in Thailand are home to the Siamese flat-barbelled catfish.

Photo Credit: nayturr

Utah Lake Sculpin

In 1928, this species was last observed. It is thought that the combination of cold winter weather and shallow water after a drought.

Photo Credit: cachevalleydaily

Chinese Paddlefish

Though there has been no sign of them since 2003, it once lived in the Yangtze River.

Photo Credit: cnn.com

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