Top 10 Fastest Speedsters In Marvel, Ranked

The Runner Is An Elder Of The Universe, Devoting Eons To Developing Speed

The Elders of the Universe tend to specialize. For example, the Gardener grows massive gardens.

Hermes Is The Greek God That Started The Fascination With Speedsters

Hermes is the ancient god of speed. The messenger of the Greek gods, he was often tasked with fetching.

FastForward Is Marvel's Fastest Man Alive Who Might Have Also Been The Flash

A mysterious man appeared in the pages of Quasar just before a cosmic race of speedsters.

Makkari Is An Eternal Who Was Mistaken For The Greek God

The Eternals' Makkari is known for his speed and penchant for running everywhere. The speed he exhibits.

Ghost Rider Is Demonically Powered And Capable Of Incredible Speeds

Blur relived some of his greatest races, one of which is against Johnny Blaze of another reality.

Ultimate Quicksilver Is An Unbelievably Fast Speedster

Quicksilver is, quite literally, unbelievably fast. Others around him assume he's doing nothing.

Northstar Is One Of The World's Fastest Mutants

In recent issues of X-Factor, Northstar has stated to his fellow speedsters that he can travel at the speed.

Quicksilver Has Just Gotten Faster Over His Time With The Avengers

Originally, Quicksilver could run just shy of 200 mph. Over time, he managed to go faster; however.

Aurora Is (Probably) Just Slightly Slower Than Her Brother

Aurora joined Alpha Flight and created half of the fastest team in Marvel Comics. Her instability.

Speed Demon Enhanced His Speed After He Was Empowered By The Grandmaster

James Sanders was a chemist offered incredible power by the Grandmaster if he agreed to join.

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