Top 10 Friendliest Birds In The Worlds


Making this colourful breed the most popular pet bird among parents, according to the APPA.


when it comes to the best birds for pets, according to their popularity in APPA’s survey, you can easily keep as pet.


Ranking third on the list of best bird pets are canaries. These cheerful, good-natured songsters require low-key TLC.


These birds also rank among the best parrots for pets, according to the 8 per cent of bird parents who have one. T

African Greys

The most popular bird among adopters is the African grey, Of all the birds that can talk, the African grey best talker.

Amazon Parrots

These medium-size pet parrots are gregarious, which may explain why they tie with the African grey in terms of popularity.


Smaller parrots tie with Amazons and African greys in terms of popularity, according to the APPA survey.

Pionus parrots

If your definition of small is somewhat bigger than the pint-sized parrotlet, then consider the pionus, which makes top 10 list Pets.


several small bowls for putting their food in so they can fly from bowl to bowl. The best foods for finches include pellet-based ones.

Ring-necked Doves

No, they’re not common pet birds only 3 per cent of bird parents keep doves. But they should be more popular, say experts.

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