Karelian Bear Dog: Breed Characteristics & Care

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It is a medium-sized spitz that is well-known in Finland for brave ability to hunt often dangerous game.

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This breed is bred to corner big and frightening others but not to kill them, making it an excellent guard dog.

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Originated in Northwestern Europe and used by Finnish and Russian farmers and hunters for the breed's hunting skills.

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Due to the hunting part of the dog's character, it is critical to begin socializing at an early age.

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They are energetic, athletic and work hard, so providing them with daily exercise and job is essential.

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Brushing it once to twice weekly, nails trimmed every three to four weeks with the occasional bath.

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Positive reinforcement with toy and food prizes and a lot of love works well for Karelians.

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Common Health Problems

Hip Dysplasia and Cataracts are the most common issues for Karelian dogs.

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Diet and Nutrition

They should be fed high-quality dog meal, either commercially produced or homemade.

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