Top 10 Most Attractive Characters in The MCU

Luke Cage

character, played by Mike Colter, is a bulletproof babe who defines smooth even as he mangles through his muddy life.


 always been a bit funny, tossing coffee mugs and whatnot, and he's always been one of the most handsome faces in the franchise,

Black Widow

 she wants to in her personal life or as part of seducing an enemy, which makes her both alluring and dangerous.

Iron Man

Tony Stark is a pig-headed, arrogant, sexist know-it-all, but he's considered to be one of the hottest MCU characters.


Hiddleston simply breathed life into the pages of Marvel and Loki walked out of the cell, ink drying as he smirked and started.

Peggy Carter

The woman had enough charisma to carry a show without much advanced tech and it's just too bad that it's no longer on TV.


He just didn't bring "superhero" to mind, but that's the beauty of it, isn't it? Murdock himself doesn't scream superhero,

Scarlet Witch

Elizabeth Olsen plays Wanda with a mix of naive innocence and wounded reserve that fit the character perfectly,

Black Panther

Leading the team is none other than Chadwick Boseman, whom we got a taste of in Captain America: Civil War.


Cate Blanchett became the latest in a long list of acclaimed actors to take on the role of an MCU villain when he portrayed Hela.

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