Top 10 Most Dangerous Dog Breeds with Pictures

Pit Bull's are muscular dog so much anger. Americas one of the most dangerous dog is Pit Bull.

Pit Bull

Bully Kutta and a Gull Tarrier cross breed is Gull Dong. This dogs are veri powerful and strong.

Gull Dong

They are not so big size but they are muscular. They are dangerous towards humans also.

The Bull Terrier

Caucasian Ovcharka dogs are covered with feather. They are strong and courageous, also trained properly.

Caucasian Ovcharka

German Shepherd are smart, lert, and fearless dog .  They are human friendly and understanding with people.

German Shepherd

The Rottweiler are considered to be very dangerous. They are massive, hoot tempered dog, you cant control them.

The Rottweiler

 Husky are dangerous to small animal and also dangerous for human. They are very strong dogs.

The Husky

One of the most dangerous dog breed is Doberman Pinschers. This dog has hot tempered you can't handle them easily.

Doberman Pinschers

Chow Chow dog look like bear so fluffy coat and the coats are brown color one of the most dangerous dog.

Chow Chow

Wolf Hybrid are genetic nature like wolf. Their nature is very rough and this dog is cross between dog and a wolf.

Wolf Hybrid

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