Top 10 Most Intelligent Cat Breeds


surveilling everything. Of all the cat types, this one learns tricks quickly and will enjoy running a feline agility course.


They tend to be active cats that love to investigate everything their humans are doing. They're also chatty cats,


This breed originated from crossing a domestic cat with an Asian leopard cat. Bengals are highly intelligent, athletic,


The Burmese is an energetic and friendly breed that loves to engage with its people. These cats are clever, adaptable, playful,

Cornish Rex

These cats are active and friendly, and some say they're rather dog-like in their play, even into their senior years.

Havana Brown

moderately energetic and prefer interactive toys like teasers and puzzles to challenge them mentally and physically.


 Korats are moderately energetic, enjoying interactive games, but they also love their naps. This breed can learn tricks,


This breed will take walks on a leash; seek out water to play in; and rummage through nooks, drawers, cabinets, and boxes.


One of the world's most popular and recognizable cat breeds, the Siamese is known for its beautiful coat, curious nature,


 These small cats are generally playful, outgoing, and curious. And they love to be involved with what their humans are doing.

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