Top 10 Most Overpowered Superheroes Of All Time, Ranker


Superman has always been the benchmark other heroes are compared to when talking about overpowered superheroes.

Scarlet Witch

Scarlet Witch has since become a household name known as the most powerful MCU character to exist thus far.

One-Punch Man

Saitama (aka One-Punch Man) made it on this list (and this high nonetheless) attests to the sheer power of Saitama.

Silver Surfer

Silver Surfer uses this power in many ways as he has fused suns, made quick work of the most powerful Infinity Stone users.

Franklin Richards

The son of Mr. Fantastic and the Invisible Woman, Franklin Richards has the power to completely change reality

Martian Manhunter

Superman himself once called J'onn J'onnz (aka Martian Manhunter) the most dangerous man on the planet.

Jean Grey

Jean Grey has shown many times through all of the comics and recent movies that she is one of the strongest ever to exist.


Although Sentry isn't one of the more popular Marvel characters out there, he is a huge physical powerhouse, to say the least.


Despite his childish nature and lighthearted attitude, Billy Batson (aka Shazam) is a powerful superhero.

Captain Marvel

From her very first film, Captain Marvel showed that she was of one the strongest characters in the MCU.

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