Top 10 Most Powerful Pokemon of Ash Ketchum


all of Ash's Pokemon including Pikachu, Charizard is the only one to defeat a Legendary one-on-one (Articuno).


What might be Ash's most highly-anticipated Pokemon ever has certainly been one of his strongest.


Sceptile's skill down to "it defeated Darkrai" and call it a day, but even that doesn't do justice to just how good.


The Sinnoh Fire-type starter slowly but surely rose up to become Ash's Diamond & Pearl ace after it was released by Paul.


Its ability to set up with Dragon Dance is somewhat rare for a Pokemon owned by Ash, but it's always put to great use.


Even with the extremely short battling resume it currently has, Dracovish has already Fishious Rend-ed


Donphan, Gliscor, and Gible, but none of them hold a candle to the sunglasses-wielding Krookodile.


The first of Ash's Fire-type starters to appear on this list, Ash's Incineroar had one of the best growth.


Hardcore fans of the anime think of one battle when Ash's Snorlax is brought up: that time it battled.


Rock-type Pokemon - easily the best on Ash's roster - but it had a streak of not being able to control its power when angry.

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