10 Most Villainous Heroes In Anime

Lelouch Lamperouge

Lelouch Lamperouge's actions in Code Geass were ultimately motivated by Area 11/Japan.

Thorfinn Karlsefni

In many aspects, Guts is similar to the Viking warrior from the Vinland Saga, Thorfinn Karlsefni.


Latino antihero Guts from Berserk fights for the greater good, despite the fact that he rarely shows it.

Naofumi Iwatani

The Shield's Ascending In Season 2, Naofumi Iwatani of Hero became an isekai heroin manga series.


Apart from being a poor rogue who is devoted to her team, Revy is a mad antihero who allows anything to happen.

Ken Kaneki

The seinen hero who never completely became evil but who did acknowledge his ghoul side is Ken Kaneki of Tokyo Ghoul.

Alucard Walks

Vampires are typically depicted as being evil, despite the fact that certain humorous shows have cute, sanitised vampire heroines as a novelty.

Lupin III

Even though Light or Eren are darker and more aggressive than the titular Lupin III from Lupin III, he isn't quite as much of either.

Eren Yeager

Eren Yeager is the violent counterpart of the ambitious and well-intentioned Light Yagami from the Attack on Titan universe.

Light Yagami

The crafty plotter Light Yagami from Death Note is a classic example of a well-intentioned protagonist who loses himself.

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