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Top 10 New Dog Breeds in U.S


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Barbet Dog

Barbet Dog is medium in size. It is a very smart dog. The dog is Brown, gray, white in color.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  Native Breed.org

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Azawakh Dog

Azawakh Dog was found in West Africa. It is a protective dog. The dog is Black, Clear Sand, Blue Fawn in color.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  Popular Science

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Dogo Argentino

Dogo Argentino is a protective dog. It is large in size. The dog is very friendly and loyal.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  hundeo

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Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Dog

Nederlandse Kooikerhondje Dog is a very intelligent and working dog. The dog is Red and White in color.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  BeChewy

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American Hairless Terrier Dog

American Hairless Terrier Dog is smart and also a playful dog. The dog is small to medium in size. 

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  Daily Paws

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Pumi Dog

The Pumi Dog is small to medium in size. This dog is intelligent and also a energetic dog.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  Wikipedia

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Sloughi Dog

Sloughi Dog is also known as Arabian Greyhound. The dog is medium to large in size. The dog is Black, Sandy in color.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  The Kennel Club

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Bergamasco Sheepdog

Bergamasco Sheepdog is Italian dog. The Scientific Name of this dog is Canis lupus familiaris.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  DogTime

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Berger Picard Dog

Berger Picard Dog is a oldest French dog. The dog is Intelligent and very energetic also. The dog is fawn and grey in color.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  Petful

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Boerboel Dog

Boerboel Dog is found in South Africa. This dog is very loyal and hard working. This dog is Black, Red, Brown in color.

C  R  E  D  I  T  :  Daily Paws

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