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8 pet hacks that every pet parent should know

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When you take your dog in winter, then you must be massage petroleum jelly for prevent cold weather.

Massage petroleum jelly

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make a surprise with some favourite foods for your pets. It refresh you and your family pet.

Feed favourite food

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If your pet start running, then you should not chase them. Act like you are nt chasing, try lie down to fall

Don't chase your pet

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When your dog urinates on the carpet you try out baking soda, its helps to srink the urine.

Urinates facts

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Apply a solution of warm water it helps to  refresh your pets. You can also used dishwashig liquid.

Bath things

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feed chicken rice you pet. If they are experience stomach trouble then this trick helps of lots.

Feed Chicken

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You dog must be scared of lighting r thunder. In this condition calm your behaviour, it helps of lots.

Dogs Scared of Thunder

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One of biggest problem with dog and cat owner is shadding pet hairs. In this time you must be remove unwanted hairs of your pet.

Remove Pet Hair

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