Top 10 Popular Cat Breeds for Many Types of Households


The Abyssinian also referred to as the Aby, is a lively and active cat. Many Abyssinians even love water and climbing.

American shorthair

The American shorthair, the pedigreed version of the domestic shorthair, is a fairly low-maintenance pet.

British shorthair

British shorthairs are ideal household cats and can be comfortable with children and other pets.


The exotic has been dubbed “the lazy man’s Persian” because it’s similar to the Persian cat in its sweet looks but has a coat.

Maine coon

Maine coons have a “gentle giant” reputation and are generally comfortable around children and other pets.


Persians prefer a calm, predictable environment and do best in quiet households and popular cat breeds.


Ragdoll cats got their name because of their tendency to relax and go limp in a person’s arms.

Scottish fold

While the Scottish fold typically has ears that fold forward (a genetic mutation), the occasional kitten will have straight ears.


They will “talk” to their humans day and night to express their opinions and demand attention.


The Sphynx is another highly recognizable and popular cat breed, thanks to its hairless body and prominent features.

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