Ranked: Top 10 Blackpink Songs

S  E  P  T  E  M  B  E  R ,  2  0  2  2

This is a pop song of the group of Black pink. This easily the strongest we can ever heard those girls.

As if It’s Your Last 

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Lovesick Girls is one of the v=best song of Black pink in World widely top ten list.

Lovesick Girls

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Playing With Fire is a killer sing of Black pink. People love this song and support them.

Playing With Fire

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Don’t Know What To Do is an anthem of  dance pop. Black pink is also incredible on anthem.

Don’t Know What To Do

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Stay is a folk style, guitter led song, which became so popular. That why this son is in the top ten list.


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Forever Young is an influencer for all new generation, Teenage generation. So this song is became very popular.

Forever Young

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Boombayah is a thrilling hype track song, which make a incredible popularity on World widely.


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Whistle is one of the another best popular song of Black pink k-popers. So this song make a chance in this list.


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See U Later is strong and most atmospheric song version, they completed this song smoothly and this is a chorus song.

See U Later

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DDU-DU-DDU-DU is a most energetic k-pop dance song . Which gona be so much popular on world basis


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