The 10 Smallest Horse Breeds From Around The World

Here We Provide Information About Smallest Horse Breeds From Around The World

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Shetland Pony

Its strong body was a direct result of the Shetland Islands' severe living conditions. Height: 40 inches

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Miniature Horse

They are capable of pulling carts, racing in mazes and jumping, and serving as therapy animals. Height: 38 inches

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It's an Argentine tiny horse. Its ancestors are of Andalusian and Iberian descent. Height: 34 inches

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Icelandic Horse

Some Icelandic horses are bred for work, while others are bred for their stunning coat colours. Height: 52 inches


Noma Pony

They are a critically endangered horse breed, yet they are a popular attraction in Japanese zoos and farms.  Height: 40 inches

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Fjord Horse

It was bred in Norway for agricultural uses and spent their lives in tough, mountainous conditions. Height: 60 inches

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They are highly robust horses that were bred as working animals in mountainous terrains. Height: 56 inches

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They are thought to have originated in China 2000 years ago. It  is an excellent choice for children. Height: 40 inches

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Kentucky Mountain Saddle Horse

Beginners, young riders, and older children enjoy riding the horse. Height: 49 inches

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While being an endangered species, the Yonaguni is known for being very kind, smart, and hardy. Height: 47 inches

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