Top 10 Best Dog Breeds For Obedience

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Border Collie

Their intellect, combined with their ability to learn quickly and be in tune with their owners, makes them very obedient dogs.

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German Shepherd

German shepherd is yet another very intelligent breed who have been raised to be alert and obedient.

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Golden Retriever

For good reason, golden retrievers are popular family pets,  often highly friendly, patient, and kind, with a lovely zest for life.

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Labrador Retriever

They're another dog that is often trained as service dogs due to their intellect, enthusiasm, and calm and gentle nature.

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They're eager to please and form very strong relationships with their owners, giving them the name "Velcro dogs."

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Doberman Pinscher

They were created to defend tax collectors and keep their protective instincts and intuitive sense.

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Another German who can do anything kind of breed is the Rottweiler. Herding is an additional skill.

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This breed is also extremely intelligent and eager to please and usually dedicated to their owners and enjoys learning.

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It is also known for being easier to teach than many other tiny dog breeds, which can be stubborn at times.

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Australian Shepherd

Another herding breed fulfils our top ten list. Aussies consistently win at the top levels of obedience, agility, and other games.

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