Top 10 Best Dog Breeds for Obedience

Border collie

Border collies are often viewed as one of the smartest dog breeds. With their intelligence, they are quick to learn.

German shepherd

The German shepherd is another highly intelligent dog that was bred to be responsive and obedient.

Golden retriever

Golden retrievers are popular family pets for good reason. They're typically very affectionate, patient, and gentle.

Labrador retriever

They're another breed that is often trained as a service dog because of their smarts, enthusiasm, and calm and gentle nature.


Vizslas generally have incredible stamina, enthusiasm, loyalty, and intelligence. They tend to be eager to please.

English Springer Spaniel

These dogs are best suited for an active household where they'll get plenty of exercises.


A lot of the poodle's popularity can be attributed to its elegant and refined look, quite intelligent and very eager to please.


These dogs are very alert and curious, and while they typically have a calm demeanor, they're constantly taking everything in.


The little Havanese is generally a friendly, adaptable, and smart dog breed. It is also known for being easier to train.

Manchester terrier

They are typically more responsive and trainable than your average terrier while not being any less intelligent.

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