Top 7 DIY Dog House Ideas For Home

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Witten By Ananya 1 September 2022

Beginner Dog House Plan

A magnificent yet simple dog house that will be suitable for an average-sized dog.

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Simple A-Frame Dog House Plan

This is a simple dog house plan that is not only simple to make but also looks great in your yard.

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Dog House With Deck Plan

This simple project dog home idea has a deck, play box, and space for food and water.

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Ranch Style Dog House Plan

If you want to offer your dog luxury, try this free dog house idea for a ranch-style doghouse.

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Indoor Dog Kennel End Table

An isn't a dog house, but this indoor dog cage that doubles as an end table is ideal for a tiny dog who stays indoors.

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Mobile Dog House

On Instructables, you can get a free plan for a portable dog house that you can set up wherever you go.

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East Fork Doghouse Plan

The window pane door and steeple roof nearly seem like a miniature doll house and look great everywhere.

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