Top 10 Worst My Hero Academia Catchphrases, Ranked


Originally, the League of Villains' main goal is to bring down All Might, preferably in some public way that would send ripples.


Anytime Neito is anywhere near Class 1-A, it doesn't take him long to begin riling them up or mocking them.


After the Hero Killer puts Iida's older brother Ingenium out of commission, Iida goes on a revenge-fueled hunt for the villain.


Tsuyu Asui is a type of My Hero Academia character who has a Quirk that grants her access to all the same power.


She begins her introduction by stating, "Life is too hard! I just want to make it easier to live in this dumb world."


Gran Torino realizes that Izuku has placed All Might on a pedestal, and it's limiting his growth.


Midnight is known as the R-rated hero, which immediately prompts viewers to ask why she's allowed to act as a high school teacher.


Inko is a caring, kind mother who means well, but she also has a lot of anxiety about letting Izuku do hero work.


From the day that Bakugo develops his Quirk, he also begins to develop an extreme superiority complex.


While not technically a catchphrase, one of Izuku's most recurring characteristics is that he's easily driven to tears.

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